Just a sample of the comments from our customers on their “El Cheapo” experience.

From time to time we post new selections from our daily emails. Many are from loyal repeat customers.

I’ve been meaning to write this letter for some time. I wanted to commend you on the excellent quality of your company’s service… The two movers (…) and (…) were absolutely top notch: they were professional, efficient – and also entirely good natured and good humoured. I hadn’t anticipated that the move would be …kind of fun. They worked conscientiously and swiftly; moreover, they were gracious about setting aside lighter stuff for me to carry since I’d said I wanted to pitch in.

We were done in about two hours. I was very pleased: I was on a tight budget – and this move was quite reasonably priced. If I’d rented a van and press-ganged some friends … it would have cost me more (factoring in the high price of rentals, plus the necessary bribes of beer and pizza). The “hassle-free” aspect of your service is an added bonus for the bargain price. Let me emphasize again – I really appreciated the positive attitudes and hard work of the two movers.

A co-worker of mine will also be moving soon. I was happy to recommend El Cheapo to her.

Regards and thanks, Shannon

I hired El Cheapo to move me from my apartment in the Beaches down to the Esplanade. This is to tell you that that move was the smoothest, least stressful one of my life. I have moved countless times (5 times just in the past four years), so I have some experience. The movers were so fast, efficient and courteous, I almost could not believe it. I had three friends helping me. They treated me and my friends in a relaxed, friendly and professional way. I was astonished at how they seemed to size up the stuff to be moved, created a plan, and then directed me and my friends in executing the plan. El Cheapo moved me in less than two hours, which is an unprecedented time in my experience.

I also want to thank the person who works in the El Cheapo office. After calling countless movers listed in the Yellow Pages, the El Cheapo man I spoke with on the phone was very professional (despite several interruptions from other callers). I liked that he took the time to talk to me about what I owned and what to expect from my move. This professionalism made me decide to go with El Cheapo. The move was so organized and speedy that the final price was competitive and reasonable. I recommend El Cheapo to anyone.

Thank you very very much, Sabine

Please accept my sincere thanks for the wonderful service that I received by El Cheapo. (…) was very helpful through the booking process, but I was most impressed by the 2 gentlemen that helped us move – (…) and (…). They were pleasant and hardworking, and great ambassadors for your company!

Based on my experience, I would recommend your company unreservedly. I will definitely be calling you again the next time I move,


I am a business school graduate who was taught for four years straight about how the ability to deliver “value for money” and “top notch customer service” was of paramount importance in the business world. However, since graduating, I have been hard pressed to find an organization that not only understood but also practised these concepts. That is, I have been hard pressed until now. I am writing to you to let you know of my extreme satisfaction with your company. I have now used El Cheapo in two of my moves in Toronto and I have been more than impressed with the quality of service I received on both occasions. Your staff has been absolutely wonderful and has eliminated the worry and hassle that I used to associate with moving. Most recently two of your staff members, (…) & (…) moved me from one end of Toronto to the other. Not only were they on time, they were personable, they were professional and they were incredibly efficient. I can not speak highly enough of their efforts. So thank you for being a company that has single-handedly reaffirmed my faith in business school theory. Rest assured that I will gladly recommend El Cheapo to everyone I know with upcoming moves. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Sincerely, Christina

I had the very great pleasure of being moved by El Cheapo today.
The movers were incredibly professional, fast and hard working. They arrived EXACTLY when they said they would, took meticulous care of my belongings, and worked like dogs every minute they were here.
The price was entirely reasonable, and all of my contacts prior to the moving day were helpful and understanding. I did almost all preliminary work over the internet, and was completely satisfied.
I’ll recommend you, I’ll use you again as movers, and I’ll sing your praises whenever I get a chance!