COVID-19 Precautions

Our Services

– a friendly, professional moving crew

– a moving truck

– moving supplies including blankets, dollies, shrink wrap, mattress covers, rope, and simple tools

– basic insurance coverage

– a safe and efficient move!

Please find below our list of precautions and practices in light of COVID-19 for both the movers and our dispatch/customer service staff:

  • 2 Movers only in each truck – alternate transportation if 3rd mover is needed.
  • Hospital grade sanitizing disinfectant used in each truck throughout the day to clean dollies & equipment, and to clean the truck handles, windshield, back handles, seats, everything that is touched.
  • Hand sanitizers are given to each crew member.
  • Wash hands at the dispatch office at the start of day.
  • Using contactless payments – accepting e-transfers where credit card is not available.
  • 30-day-use n95 masks provided to each mover.
  • Ask customers to limit the number of people on the move site and to keep social distancing practices.
  • Following up with customers before the move to ask if they are experiencing illness symptoms, waiving rescheduling and cancellation fees.
  • Workers instructed on hand-washing and hygiene – they know to stay home if sick.
  • Disposable gloves are provided to each crew.
  • We ask customers to provide their own pens to sign documents and to make a hand-washing station available to the crew.
  • Workers are informed about the right to refuse work they deem unsafe.
  • We are updating our list of health and safety instructions, continually monitoring advisories from Health Canada, Ontario Health, and City of Toronto Health departments.
  • Use gloves when pumping gas, only one staff member collects contracts at the end of the day. This is done outside as movers stay in truck.
  • Movers go out to trucks as soon as possible in the morning, not congregating in office area in order to maintain social distancing.
  • Try to keep same crews in same trucks day after day.
  • Upon arrival at dispatch office, clean door handle and commonly touched areas including light switches and washroom.
  • Use disposable gloves and wash hands afterwards.
  • Do similar clean when leaving dispatch office for the day.
  • Do similar clean at customer service office at the start and end of the day.
  • Not using plastic pouches at all, using fabric ones instead.
  • Whenever possible, avoid plastic – use moving blankets instead of plastic wrap where feasible.
  • Door of dispatch office remains open until all movers have left for the morning so no one needs to touch the door handle, and so it increases ventilation.
  • Movers wash hands with soap upon arrival at dispatch office.
  • At night when preparing pouches spray truck keys with disinfectant.
  • Office staff to wear gloves when picking up contracts.
  • Only the lead handles the contract.
  • To pick up cheques, call office staff, and office staff member will meet you outside on back porch, or downstairs at the truck.
  • Movers will not enter customer service office.
  • If we cannot put the same crew together in the same truck, the trucks should be rotated so that each truck gets an idle day when possible.
  • Driving with windows open may increase ventilation, which can reduce transmission.
  • Come directly to work, go directly home after work.

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