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North Toronto


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North Toronto

We moved houses, apartments and condos here.

North Toronto is a former town and informal district located in the northern part of the Old Toronto district in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Currently occupying a geographically central location within the city of Toronto, the Town of North Toronto was incorporated in 1890, when much of the area was still farmland, and annexed by the old city of Toronto in 1912. The name is still used to refer to the area in general, although Yonge–Eglinton and Midtown Toronto are officially used.

The former town was bounded on the south by Moore Avenue east to Bayview Avenue, north to Eglinton Avenue, west to Bruce, north to Fairfield, west to the west boundary of Mount Hope Cemetery, then north to north of Glen Echo, west to Yonge, north to north of McNairn Avenue, then west to a line just west of Elm Road. The boundary continues south to just north of Glenview Avenue and Avenue Road, then west to a line with Proudfoot Avenue, then south to just north of Briar Hill, then south on Castlewood to Roselawn, then south on Latimer to Eglinton Avenue. The boundary continues east on Eglinton to Elmsthorpe, then south to the former rail line south of Chaplin Crescent, then east to Yonge.

Source: Wikipedia

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