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Princess Gardens


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Princess Gardens is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located in the western area of Toronto that was formerly the City of Etobicoke. Its boundaries are Eglinton Avenue to the north, Martin Grove to the west, Islington to the east, and Rathburn Road to the south. The southeastern part of this area is the separate neighbourhood of Thorncrest Village. The neighbourhood is divided into two areas: The portion east of Kipling Road is known as Princess Anne Manor, while the portion west of Kipling is Princess Margaret Gardens. They are named after Princess Anne, Princess Royal, and Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, the daughter and sister of the late Queen Elizabeth II respectively. Both Princesses visited the Gardens and opened up Princess Margaret Public School during its opening ceremony. The southwestern part of the neighbourhood is also sometimes known as Glen Agar.

Source: Wikipedia

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