Moving house is always a hectic process. There are so many things to do.

Here are some notes to help you ease the pain:

1. Packing supplies

* Boxes (small, medium, large and heavy duty boxes)

* Packing tape

* Bubble wrap

* Newspapers for padding

* Stretch wrap

* Marker

* labels

You can also find house moving kits online for different types of houses which could save you some time.

2. How to prepare for moving a house

* Pack early

* Start with the places that you don’t use as often

* Pack one room at a time

* Reduce the clutter by selling items, recycling and throwing out items. Have a garage sale.

* Make sure not to have morre than 30 pounds per box so that you don’t hurt yourself picking up boxes.

* Fill in empty gaps between items in the boxes with old newspapers or rags.

* Mark your boxes with labels so yo uknow what is in each box.

* Make sure to place the heavier boxes on the bottom.

* Dispose of hazardous materials – for example: paint, cleaning materials, pesticides, asbestos, batteries, fluorescent tubes.

* Set up a box with basic essentials – with snacks, canned / boxed food, utencils, pans, towls, baby supplies, pet food, first aid, tool box.

Have fun preparing for your house move!

Oh, an you will need a moving company to move it all – get a quote >>

El Cheapo Movers has over 30 years experience moving houses, apartments and condos around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across Ontario.


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