Time to move? Here is a super detailed list for a super mover:

3 Months Before the Move:

* Plan to do it outside the peak season. What’s the peak season? People generally prefer to move when it’s sunny outside.

* Make lists of what you don’t want to move – check every room and the garage, basement, attic, bathroom, under the sink and over the kitchen cabinets.. 🙂

* Sell it all – anything you don’t want to move – have a yard sale, donate items to charity, look for disposal options.


2 Months Before the Move:

* On the second month before moving you should contact schools, doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants and other organization to get a record of your personal records.

* Call El Cheapo Movers and schedule a time for your move by calling 416.599.2728 or clicking the button here to fill the form to get a quote:


1 Month Before the Move:

* Send a Change of Address form to the Postal office

* Make a list of single items for moving (large stuff)

* Contact the utility, phones and any subscription services to change the service address.

* Figure out the insurance for the move if you need more than minimal coverage.

* Get cheques with you new address.

* Figure out childcare location in the new neighborhood.

* Start packing!


2 Weeks Before Moving

* Throw out items you don’t plan to move.

* Order refills on prescriptions and contacts just in case.

* As needed, contact the new condo or apartment management and schedule the elevator.


1 Week Before Moving

* Pay the bills in the old location

* Tell the neighbors the moving trucks are on the way.

* Drain the lawn mower gas, water hoses, snow blowers and leaf blowers and prepare the appliances for moving.

* Pack a moving box with personal items for the first night in the new place.

* Confirm everything to do with the move – call us at 416.599.2728


1 Day Before Moving

* last minute packing

* Write your mobile number on a paper or email the moving crew.

* Get some sleep


Moving Day

* Ensure that there is someone there to meet the movers

* If you’re in a gated community or condo then notify the management about the move.

* Write down the reading for the gas, electric and water meters

* Review the bill of lading and inventory before the move

* Enjoy!

El Cheapo Movers has over 30 years experience moving houses, apartments and condos around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across Ontario.


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