Toronto has more condominiums under construction than any other city in North America.

El Cheapo Movers has been moving people in Toronto for over 25 years and has been making and more and more moves from houses to condos and from one condo to another.

Condos are bit unique in several ways and so if you are planning to move in or out of a condo soon, keep this in mind:

1. Plan your space

Take a look at the floorplan and figure out what should go where. Doing this will help you figure out what items you shouldn’t be moving at all and just leave behind.

2. Consider the amenities

Unlike a house these condos usually have a lot of amenities and so you should find out what is available at your new place. Maybe it already has some things that you don’t need to duplicate. For example, if there is a gym then maybe you shouldn’t fill your space with your existing ym equipment.

3. Buying furniture

These days you can find furniture that fits perfectly into smaller spaces. Furniture that folds, swivels, etc. – bring your floorplan to the store to plan out the space.

4. Plants & windows

Based on where your windows are yo may needs to have different types of plants. For a balcony you may need different planters.

5. Moving day procedures

Each develop has different rules so you should contact them early to find out how to schedule the elevator in advance and any other co-ordination tha may be needed.

Now that you know everything about moving into a condo, all you need is an awesome mover – don’t be a schmoe, call El Cheapo

El Cheapo Movers has been moving condos around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across Ontario for over 30 years!



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