So you finally got the kids out and now thinking it’s time to move to a smaller palace. Well, you know, there are many ways of doing a thing.. 🙂

Whatever you do just don’t stress out about it – it doesn’t help move things forward.

Just start in the beginning.

You have a few rooms with too much stuff and need to figure out what stays and what goes somewhere or out there. Here are some tips to make the as painless as possible:

1. Make a list

May sound silly but it works. There are only so many rooms and only so many items in each room. Once we take account of what you actually have to deal with it wouldn’t look like such a big deal.

2. Start early

About 3 months before the move you should start the process of thinning the load.

3. Plan the new layout

Visit the new place and plan out how everything will fit there.

4. Start with non-sentimental areas

For example, you don’t need 10 mixing bowls and ladders.

5. Try to recycle

As much as possible, with early planning you could sell, donate and recycle as much as possible.

Then you just need to find a wonderful mover to transport everything! Don’t be a Schmoe, call El Cheapo Movers and we’ll take care of it for you. El Cheapo is a Certified Canadian Mover and probably the only one with a 1-hour minimum (most movers require minimum several hours for each move).

Call 416.599.2728 or fill the form to get a quote

El Cheapo Movers has been helping people downsize around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across Ontario for over 30 years!


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